Meet Our Director


Meet the National Juneteenth Observance Foundation Of Alabama director:

Brenda Paige Ward

The National Juneteenth Observance Foundation of Alabama - Our founder Apostle Brenda Paige Ward is a well known business woman living in the state of Alabama in Birmingham.

She has worked along side with Mrs. Coretta Scott King, Jessie Jackson, Ralph Abernathy and wife Juanita (with many visits to their home in Georgia), Dick Gregory and many more.

She was born in September 23th in a small town called Sage Row outside of Brighton also in Alabama. She was the 9th of 8 living children born to Mr. Otis Henry & Mrs. Lowduster Paige, Sr.. In January on the 23rd of 1974 she wed to Mr. Washington (now deceased) Ward where 2 daughters were born. Rhotunja Denise Ward (4 children born) and Mrs. Stacy Deon' Ward (Paul) Hargrove (4) children. (2 great grand children by Stacy's 2 eldest sons; Ricky and RaSheed who departed 6/17/10).

From 1965-1971: after finding a new love for mankind and equal rights for all, Apostle Ward involved herself in the Civil Rights Movement and became a member of the SCLC.

Because of these experiences, she was moved to join the Prison Ministry under the guidance of Mrs. Annie McKinney which she is still very active today. 1971-1974: with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Computer Programming, she continued her studies in the ministry at World Wide Bible College.

After graduating, she taught the word of God at many seminars, churches and conventions. She still teach today under Seed Bearers Ministry where she is an Apostle today. 1975-1980: Moments of Silence. Illness of Ovarian Cancer with healing by God. 1980-85: she attended a Jr College to study and learn Ceramics, sewing, and gym. She earned certifications in all areas she adventured.

During this time, she continued her studies of God's word at Birmingham Baptist Bible College, Miles College and BEOC. 1980-1991: She was the 1st Black woman to be appointed as a Future Director for Mary Kay cosmetics, through this 10 years